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IT Job Hunting/Advice

As Officers plan to transition out of the Army, we want you to have a place where you can discuss your options with others.
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IT Job Hunting/Advice

Postby PhantomWarrior Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:15 pm

I thought I'd ping the crowd here since we seem to have a lot of IT people. I have a CS degree and spent several years in the Army, half as a SIGO/FA 53. Took two years to figure out law school was boring, have been working entry level IT in small town Minnesota for the last three years. Computer repair, small business IT, helpdesk/tech support.

I'm currently looking to move to the Twin Cities, ideally moving up to a Tier II type position (system admin, network engineer, etc). Or at least Tier 1.5. I have the CS degree, got CCNA/CISSP in the Army, and OJT from my last few jobs. A few nibbles so far but no offers.

Any advice on what to look for? Am I shooting too high for this point in my career? My Army certs are long expired. That's an area I'm thinking of improving. Any advice on certs employers actually care about? Some of the CompTIA certs seem like a diploma mill piece of paper. Are they really worth anything?
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Re: IT Job Hunting/Advice

Postby ncmilano Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:45 pm

Why the twin cities? For what it's worth have you thought about Aberdeen proving ground or the dc metro area? With your certs and military background their are going to be lots of job opportunities. I work in one of the tech PEOs and we struggle to find good talent for GS12/13 OR nh3 jobs. I've had two network engineers take a job with my program and and up later declining because someone offered them more money.

Do you still have your clearance? is a great site as well.

Best of luck

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