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New Packing List as of 08 Feb 2018

Specifically for questions pertaining to OCS at Ft. Benning- 3/11 IN.
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New Packing List as of 08 Feb 2018

Postby JAG1 Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:11 am

OCS Packing List Information: As of 08 February 2018

Unauthorized items. The following items are unauthorized by the OCS Commandant. These items will be
secured in a locked duffle bag with the Candidates’ name on the bag and stored in the storage room.

1. Tobacco Products
2. Cleaning agents for weapons that were not approved by Company CDR/1SG
3. Stoves
4. Bayonets or knives over 3”
5. Pornography
6. Alcohol (Designated places and times by Cadre only)
7. Supplements, vitamins, or any over-the counter medication
8. Stand alone GPS devices
9. "Minimalist shoes" which are defined as: light weight track/road racing flats, racing spikes, toe shoes, or shoes that simulate barefoot running.

Students will receive a copy of the packing list and unauthorized items list. Once an inventory has
been completed, you will be held accountable for violations of this list. If any unauthorized items
are found in your possession, you may be recycled /eliminated from the course.

Restricted Use Items. The following items have been designated Restricted Use Items by the OCS
Commandant. As of the first day of the course, Officer Candidates are restricted in their use. Some
items may be granted for use by the Commandant throughout the course. These items are restricted
due to factors of safety, health, welfare and cleanliness of company facilities. This list is not
all-inclusive. Items that are not listed above are subject to Cadre discretion. If you have
question concerning a particular item ask your Platoon Trainer for additional guidance.

1. Food (to include gum and candy). Food items will be consumed in the Company Day room. No food items will be taken into the barracks.
2. Cosmetics. Worn/used IAW AR 670-1
3. Hair nets & curlers.
4. Perfumes or colognes.
5. Body sprays.
6. Cellular phones & MP3 type devices (Authorized only in Cadre designated places and times).
7. Laptop / tablet-type computers. (For use during study time- Candidates are responsible for securing these devices).
8. GPS enabled items (e.g. watches, cell phones- designated places and times only).
9. Civilian clothes. (May be worn during personal time or pass).
10. Any lotion other than non-scented.
nic devices (video game players).

General information:

Most of the listed items and quantities are part of your initial basic training clothing bag issue.
It is not required for these items to be new, however all items must be serviceable.

College Option Candidates from MEPS will receive a complete basic clothing bag issue at their
reception battalion after arriving to Basic Training.

In Service Candidates are required to have all clothing bag items as per AR 670-1.

IAW AR 350-51 (US Army Officer Candidate School Army Regulation), all grade insignia and badges
will be removed from the Candidate’s uniform during the course. The Officer Candidate insignia will
be worn. The "Follow Me" patch will be on the left sleeve for the unit patch, and the US FLAG will
be on the right sleeve. US Army tape and nametape will be worn.

The “Follow Me” patch and U.S. Flag patches may be purchased at the Fort Benning Military Clothing
Sales Store located at the Main Post Exchange.

Boots worn at OCS must be IAW Army Regulation AR 670-1. For guidance, refer to DA PAM 670-1 (01
July 2015); Paragraph 20-3; page 123-124.

The link to PEO Soldier’s webpage outlining authorized ballistic eye protection is: This website has a list of authorized ballistic eye

Special Notes on Army Uniforms:

Concerning Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Universal Camouflage Uniform (UCP) & Operational Camouflage
Uniform (OCP):
1. The transition period to the OCP uniform began on 1 July 2015 and will end on 1 October 2019. During this period- both the ACU UCP and ACU OCP uniforms are authorized for wear.
2. During this period, Soldiers are authorized to wear the Sand undershirt (T-shirt); White, Tan, or Brown drawers; Sand rigger belt; and Tan combat boots with the ACU OCP coat and trousers.
3. The Tan 499 undershirt (T-shirt); Tan 499 rigger belt; and Coyote Brown Combat Boots are not authorized for wear with the ACU UCP coat and trousers.
4. Insignia and accouterments worn on the ACU must be of the corresponding camouflage pattern color. The background material of name tapes, shoulder sleeve insignia, and OCS insignia will match the camouflage pattern of the uniform.

Concerning Army Physical Fitness Uniforms:

1. The Improved Physical Fitness Uniform (IPFU- Army Grey) and Green Microfleece cap wear out date is 30 September 17.
2. The mandatory possession date for the Army Physical Fitness Uniform (APFU- Black/Gold) with Black Microfleece cap is 1 October 2017.
3. Soldiers are not authorized to mix the wear of APFU components with the IPFU components- particularly the Microfleece caps.
4. As with the white socks, the black socks must be plain with no logos. The socks can be calf- length or ankle-length- but the ankle bone must be covered.
5. Candidates are authorized to wear commercially purchased gray or black spandex shorts under the PT shorts. Spandex must be free of logos

OCS Packing List Required Items
Most of these items may be purchased at the Fort Benning Military Clothing and Sales Store

Required Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Items

Quantity Item Description
6 ACU UCP or OCP sets w/ "Follow Me" patch; American Flag; Name tape, & US Army tape
1 Belt, Riggers, Sand
2 Tan Leather Boots. Must be IAW Army standard. (30th AG will issue 1 pair hot weather, tan and 1 pair temperate weather to Prior Service)
2 Cap, Patrol with nametape (appropriate to ACU camouflage pattern)
1 Beret, Wool, Black
2 sets ID tags and chains, long and short
7 pair Socks, Boot, green
7 pair Socks, liner, polyester / nylon, black (Clothing Bag issue for prior service. Serves as liner and dress sock)
7 T-shirt, moisture wicking, Tan
7 Drawers, Brief, Tan / Brown (Male)
1 Gloves, leather shell pr. unisex
2 pair Insert, Gloves, cold weather
2 OCS Insignia, subdued for Patrol Cap
2 OCS Insignia, subdued Patch for ACU
1 Ascot, White, OCS Logo. For Senior Phase
2 pair Stockings, sheer/semi-sheer, without seams, complementary to wearer's skin tone and uniform (Female)
7 Underpants, white, black other neutral color (Female)
7 Brassieres, white, black or other neutral color (sports brassieres authorized) (Female)

ACU Item Notes:
1. The Patrol Cap is authorized for wear during OCS.
2. The Beret will be worn with the dress uniforms and for special events as directed by the Commandant.
3. Sewn on US Army tape and nametape is authorized.
4. Insignia worn on the ACU must be of the corresponding camouflage pattern color.

Required Army Service Uniform (ASU) Clothing Items

Quantity Item Description
1 Web belt, black 1” with brass tip
1 Belt buckle, "Sta-Brite"
2 White undershirt, cotton, crew neck (Male)
1 Dress gloves, black
2 U.S. insignia, Officer, "Sta-Brite"
2 11th Infantry Regiment Crest, “Sta-Brite” for ASU
4 OCS Rank, “Sta-Brite” insignia
2 Name plate plastic, ASU uniform
1 Necktie, black (Male)
1 Bow tie, black (Male)
1 Dress shoes, Low Quarters
1 Neck tab (Female)
1 Dress shoes, Pumps black (either style) (Female)
1 ASU Jacket, blue
1 ASU Service Shirt, White, long sleeve
1 ASU Service Shirt, White, short sleeve
1 Dress shirt, white, military, Formal
1 ASU Trousers, blue
1 ASU Skirt, blue (Female)
1 ASU Slacks, blue (Female)
All authorized ribbons, medals and badges

Required Army Physical Fitness Uniform (APFU- Black/Gold) Items

Quantity Item Description
2 Reflective Belt, Neon Yellow, Elastic. (RE-FLEX)
2 Shorts, Physical Fitness Uniform (APFU)
2 Shirt, PFU, short sleeve (APFU)
1 Shirt, PFU, long sleeve (APFU)
1 pair Running shoes
7 pair White or Black socks, athletic (socks must cover the ankle
1 Jacket, Physical Fitness Uniform (APFU)
1 Pants, Physical Fitness Uniform (APFU)
1 Cap, Microfleece, Black

Required General Use Items & Equipment

Quantity Item Description
1 Laundry bag, barracks
1 Duffle bag, nylon
2 Army Issued brown towels, cotton
2 Army Issued brown towels, face cloth, cotton
1 Bag, toiletry, green/black/tan/ACU pattern with personal hygiene items
1 Shower shoes, (Black, no leather or designs allowed)
1 Laundry kit, Detergent (6 week supply)
3 Lock, combination w/ 2.5in shackle (key locks, luggage locks are not allowed)
12 Matching Hangers
10 Pen, ball point, black
5 Pencil, mechanical
1 Army Officer's Guide, book (latest version)
2 Permanent marker, black
2 Cloth tape, white, 1" wide TM (to mark equipment)
1 Soap dish and toothbrush holder
1 Wrist watch
1 Shaving Cream (required for male)
1 Ballistic eyewear for field operations (clear lens are mandatory, additional dark lenses are optional)
1 Camelback type hydration system (ACU UCP or OCP) 2 Liters or more
1 Set of 4 x Super-fine and or fine alcohol pens for marking maps (Black, Blue, Red, Green)
1 Eraser Pen for alcohol markers
1 Military Protractor
1 Flashlight with batteries (red and white lens capable)
1 Headlamp with batteries (red and white lens capable)
1 Set extra batteries
1 Camouflage Pack or Stick (light green & loam colors)
1 Foot Powder
1 ACH Helmet Band
1 100 FT 550 parachute cord
1 12 inch ruler, wooden
1 Sewing kit
1 Box zip lock type bags (quart size)
1 Box zip lock type bags (gallon size)
1 Insect repellent
1 Bottle sunscreen (1 APR - 30 SEP classes)
1 Roll, OD green 100 mph tape
3 pair Dress pants/slacks (Chino style, neutral colors, tan, brown, grey or black. No Capri)
1 pair Leather dress shoes
1 Leather dress belt
3 Conservative Collared shirt, season appropriate
1 Civilian jacket (Must be appropriate for social events. No hoodies; no sweaters; no fleece; no denim)
1 Whistle
1 M4/M16 Weapons cleaning kit

1 Roll, Electrical tape, black
1 Stencil (3/4 inch letters)
1 200 page spiral notebook 8.5” x 11” Approx $350, see notes below

G-3. Optional Items
These Items will be helpful in classroom and field environments
Quantity Item Description
1 Pkg, Index cards, 3X5 packets (for note taking / Ideal for ACU sleeve pocket)
1 Stapler kit, TOT 50, mini
1 Boot Cleaning Kit
1 Pocket Knife/multi-tool less than 3” blade
5 Pair Green socks
1 Pair additional running shoes
1 Pair Tan boot laces
1 Pack of 4 bungee cords (subdued color)
1 Pair Tactical Gloves (no logos- Black; Green; Coyote Brown)

Additional Notes:
1. Must have at least six weeks supply of sundry items (toothpaste, razors, shampoo, soap, laundry
detergent, etc).
2. Do not bring any items in glass containers.
3. If you wear glasses to correct your vision, bring two pair of military issue glasses of current prescription and a set of protective mask inserts. Contact lenses and civilian eyewear are authorized. Contact lenses will not be worn during field conditions.
4. You will need money for things such as class dues. Each class is different, but you need to have the ability to obtain $350 from either a check or debit card. These costs are determined by the class student council and vary from class to class, but this is a good guide to help you financially prepare for OCS.
5. Cosmetics, perfumes, colognes, fragranced lotions, soaps, and hair care products are not allowed for use until authorized by the Cadre. If there are items in question that may be authorized but are not listed, they may be purchased locally once approved by your Company Commander.
6. You may bring a laptop computer to use when authorized. This is highly encouraged. Network access is available for a fee.
7. You will do various combat focused training events during OCS. You may bring up to two additional ACU uniforms for these events.
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Re: New Packing List as of 08 Feb 2018

Postby JAG1 Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:17 am

the Fort Benning OCS page has recently been updated, it is much more user friendly and the information/links are more current and functional.

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