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Introduction: AGaspar

Post an introduction and tell us about yourself. This is the first place you post IAW with Site Rules.
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Introduction: AGaspar

Postby AGaspar Sat Apr 07, 2018 12:16 am

College Op Applicants (including non-Army prior\in-service)
1) Username - AGaspar

2) Hometown - Stormville, NY

3) Military Experience (Rank, MOS, TIS) - United States Coast Guard, E4/Petty Officer 3rd Class, Aviation Maintenance Technician, 4 Years 4 Months

4) Age - 32

5) School - Manhattan College

6) Major - Civil Engineering

7) Minor -

8) Progress Towards Graduation - Graduated May 2016, Bachelors of Science, Civil Engineering

9) GPA - 3.04

10) Sports - HS Cross Country

11) Activities - Crossfit, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Family Man

12) APFT - ~230 and climbing

13) Why I Want to be a Army Officer - I would like to continue my service to my country in a leadership capacity. I have wanted to be an Army Officer since I was a child. I grew up near West Point and was enamored by the prestige of being an Army Officer. My life has gone in other directions since then (USCG enlisted, Engineering College), but I am currently in a position to make my goal become a reality. My time spent prior service and the utilization of the Post 9/11 GI Bill has afforded me positive life experiences and educational training. I want to give back to my country and utilize the skills they paid for and I worked hard to receive.

14) Possible Branch Interest (i.e. Infantry, Aviation, Signal Corps) - Engineering, Aviation, Infantry, Armor

15) Current Progress Towards Application - Medical Paperwork is submitted to MEPS, 2 of 6 Letters of Recommendation are in my possession ( 2 more are being written), Handwritten Essay is in its third iteration before submittal to Recruiter. All supporting documentation has been submitted.

16) Component Applying For (Regular Army [Active Duty], Army Reserve, National Guard) - Regular Army [Active Duty]

17) Additional Comments - Working with a recruiter with less than 6 months on the job. We are both learning this process together. My sincere thanks to this forum and those who run it, It contains a plethora of useful information.
AGaspar Member
Posts: 3
Joined: Fri Apr 06, 2018 10:27 am

Re: Introduction: AGaspar

Postby AGaspar Sun Apr 08, 2018 2:21 pm

Does anyone have any insight into age waiver requirements, especially pertaining to prior enlisted applicants? I have scoured this forum and found a few interesting tidbits. I am still in the early phases the process and I know that I will not be shipping off to BCT by the age of 33. With that said, I have a large portion of my packet complete. I am waiting on MEPS to review my 2807-2.

Thank you in advance,



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