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Now called BOLC-B. Post and discuss general information about these courses here, please refer branch specific discussions to the Branch forums.
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Postby peacefulchaos2001 Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:25 pm

Good evening,

Sorry for the absence everyone. I'm back as promised. I know this forum isn't meant for JAG's but since we stumble on here from time to time I'll try to add to it. Here's a little insight.

Nearly everyone starts off with the Direct Commissioning Course (DCC). I say nearly everyone because sometimes waivers are granted (RARE) or a person goes out of order (rare). DCC is 6 weeks. There will be a mix of individuals. Reservist, Guardsmen, and AD will all be in the same course. There will be student leadership that rotates. The main focus are the basics. Land Nav, PRT, ruck marches, DNC, etc....Expect to formations NLT than 0550 Monday -Saturday. Some Saturdays you may get off early but don't plan on it. The first couple of weeks are 15/16 hour days. The first few days you aren't in uniform. You have to purchase everything on your own. You will be given an hour one early morning to buy everything from clothing sales. I recommend you get as much as you can before coming to Benning. Personally, I don't recommend getting new uniforms unless you have to. You will beat your uniforms up between Land Nav, the ruck marches (4/6 miles), and the field.

Upon graduation you will be headed to Charlottesville, VA for JABOLC. More to come on that ladies and gents. Early morning tomorrow.
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