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Question regarding post-board timeline...

Questions about boards, meeting commissioning requirements, different entry programs, required knowledge, etc.
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Blackheart0341 Member
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Question regarding post-board timeline...

Postby Blackheart0341 Thu Jan 18, 2018 4:54 pm

Good evening everyone,

I've been in the OCS recruiting process since Oct. 2017. Since my original recruiter was incompetent at her job, they switched my packet to another recruiter who knew how to complete an OCS packet. Anyways, my recruiter seems very motivated to get me on the Feb. 9th board. My question is as follows:

-What sort of timeline can I expect regarding the board?
-Specifically after my board, what are the next steps in the process, and what is a rough timeline?

I ask because I've read that following the board, my packet goes up to USAREC where they make the decision. I've heard that this takes 10-20 days. Once selected, they contact you, and you have 10 days to take the Oath of Enlistment. Is this correct? As well, I am prior service USMC (infantry), if that makes any difference in the timeline.

Will it hurt my chances if I choose to take the board at a later date? I only ask because my recruiter was very adamant about getting me on the Feb. 9th board, but I just received an offer for a JP Morgan Chase Veterans Program that will last until May. So ideally, I'd like to do my board, and ship in June. I know I have no control to when I ship, however if I do my board in May or June, then I should be clear.

RedOctopus Member
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Re: Question regarding post-board timeline...

Postby RedOctopus Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:12 pm

I'm curious to know what others say as well. My recruiter also pushed me for the February 9th board but I wanted the March board instead (to which he said something like I'm wasting his time...). For me though I need the extra time to continue improving my APFT. I'd rather go to the board with at least a semi decent score rather than barely passing. I'm not sure if you know RallyPoint, but I asked this question here and here is one helpful response, (PS for me it's the Army Reserve)
I did OCS and this was my process:
Submit packet and go to the board. 95% of the time this is a formality as you already have had a company commander sign off saying they will take you. Once you are accepted by the board (you find out same day) then you go schedule your BCT dates. After BCT it depends on the path you want to take. I did federal OCS as it is the fastest way to just finish the whole process and active duty is more to my liking so I preferred that method anyways. I went back-to-back between BCT and OCS. If you chose the state route with weekends I think it takes 1.5 yrs or something around there. Now after OCS it was about a 1.5 months before my BOLC started. Again this could have been scheduled right after OCS but unfortunately there were no slots for that class. Below is my date timeline:

Board: Dec 2013
BCT: June 2014 (I was slotted to go in Jan but had a little ER issue pop up)
OCS: Aug 2014
BOLC: Jan 2015

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